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5 Tips to Getting Back on Track After the Month of Ramadan

May 20, 2021

If the past holy month of Ramadan has caused you to slow down on your daily activities, don’t beat yourself up. You’re not alone in falling off the fitness wagon — it happens even to the best of us. The important thing is to focus on restarting as soon as you can.

We know that getting back on track after a break can be a challenge even to the most dedicated steppers. So here are some of our top tips to keep you moving in the right direction:

Forgive yourself, get up and move on.

Before anything, stop beating yourself up. Life happens and everyone will have a reason to take a break from fitness. Focus on learning from your experience and turning your negative feelings into motivation to get going.

Start small and easy.

When you haven’t been active for a while, the idea of a 30-minute to 1-hour workout can be intimidating. Start small like committing to just 10-15 minutes of brisk walking then add 5 minutes each day. You’ll be back to your usual before you know it!

Schedule your workouts.

There is no “perfect time” for workouts. Waiting for the moment to be motivated is what’s likely to distract you from your plan. Aim to block a time within your schedule just for exercising and treat it like you would any appointment — non-negotiable.

Eat well.

Don’t sabotage your progress by neglecting nutrition. Unhealthy eating habits will prompt you to abandon your fitness routines, so filling your diet with healthy options will help you feel great and keep you motivated in your journey.

If planning your meals ahead isn’t your strength, STEPPI has partnered up with The Fit Food Kitchen to provide you with an exclusive rate on their 4-week meal plan — redeemable using only 10,000 steps!

Be patient.

Lastly, you need to be realistic that you are simply not going to go from 0 to 100 overnight. Lack of patience can lead you to set yourself up for failure rather than success. Always remember that this is a lifestyle change, rather than a sprint.

Returning from a long break is never easy, but with the right mindset and approach, it is possible. We hope these tips will help make your comeback as smooth and enjoyable as possible!

Good luck and keep steppin’…