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April 16, 2020

Staying at home has become a reality for many, and with strict lockdown measures now in place, you need to be creative to maintain your health and wellbeing!

Walking is one of the easiest ways to stay physically fit and keep your weight and mental health in check and can be done anywhere! It is possible to get your 10k steps a day, even from inside your home.

If you’re looking for ways to up your steps game, here’s 7 simple ideas to keep you active.

  • 1. Break up the day.
    It may seem like a lot to get all 10k steps in one go, but it’s not so challenging when you break it up, a 5-minute walk every hour around the house on the balcony or in your garden will help you hit the goal.
  • 2. Walk while you talk!
    It’s too tempting to sit down when the phone rings, but why not try walking instead! A work call or long conversation with the family will increase your step count without you noticing.
  • 3. Track your steps.
    Check-in regularly to see your total step count, understanding how many steps you’ve taken can motivate you to take that 10-minute walk outside.
  • 4. Have fun with the family
    Set up an obstacle course, relay race or kick-ups competition with a ball, it’s time to get creative, and the kids will love it!
  • 5. Walk on the spot.
    If you are feeling a bit of a slump, put on your favorite music and step on the spot, you’ll quickly see your step count rise and your mood improve!
  • 6. Join a challenge
    Taking part in a little friendly competition keeps you on track, join a Steppi challenge or create a challenge of your own. Keep it simple like a family walkathon or who can get the most steps in an hour!
  • 7. Set yourself a daily task
    Consider doing something every day that includes an activity like washing the windows, clearing out your closet, or organizing the kitchen. It’s amazing how many steps you take when you’re busy doing other things!