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Steppi designs the latest technology to encourage and motivate people to be more active. Our vision of ‘a more active world’ is at the core of everything we do - the people we hire, the products we create and the partnerships we cultivate. By creating meaningful solutions that educate, inspire and reward people to make positive decisions about their wellness - we believe we will change lives.

The Steppi app is FREE to download and inclusive for everyone no matter what your level of fitness, age or lifestyle. It’s simple, we reward you for being active - every step taken converts into savings on big brands both instore and online.

The Steppi platform encompasses so much more than savings, we genuinely care about people’s health and wellness and have built a range of unique products that inspire healthy behavior change.

Steppi Challenges is a great way to stay motivated, app users can join in public challenges and win prizes or invite each other to see who can take the most steps.

Steppi Active corporate software delivers powerful tools for organizations to drive healthy behavior change in the workplace.

Steppi School’s Initiative a not-for-profit school's project which aims to change the health outcomes of the next generation.

And…it doesn’t end there because as we continue to grow, we are learning, innovating and pushing the boundaries of tech to deliver on our goal of a more active, healthier, happier world.

Welcome to the Steppi family!